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by Natalya Abramova

Moscow Circus on ice – the unique ice circus,

which is able to perform not only on the natural ice,

but also on a plastic or on a plastic ice cover without loss of dynamic

and program quality.

With the advent of this new technology – plastic ice cover,

in many times reduced the time of preparation

of the collective to work and rehearsals.

The installation of special plastic cover 12m x 12m takes 2 hours,

deinstallation – 1 hour.


Moscow Circus on ice –is a highly mobile circus, as today’s time requires.

The program starts working in 3-4 hours after arrival on the site, taking into account the preparation of the cover, suits and suspension of air numbers.The program starts working in 3-4 hours after arrival on the site, taking into account the preparation of the cover, suits and suspension of air numbers.


In the conduct of tour all kinds of transfer can be used: air, freight, maritime. (see rider).


About conducting of tours in Your city, You can contact us on our telephone numbers:


The troupe includes maximum 30 participants. The artists can perform on both real and artificial/plastic ice.
The Circus will provide as follows:  

An ice show without animals. 1 hour without an intermission or 2 hours with the intermission. If the organizer would like to have an Intermission, the show can be divided: 50 + 50 minutes. The intermission should not be longer than 20-25 minutes.

1.      Will provide artists with costumes for the show “Moscow Circus on Ice”.

2.      Will provide all required makeup and costumes as agreed.

3.      Animals can be included in the show (will be discussed additionally).

4.      The circus will provide the props for the show.

Props:   Equipment with the plastic ice.

Net weight – 5 550 kg;  Gross weight- 6 200kg, volume weight:  to be confirmed at a later stage

The troupe has its own plastic ice, if there is a venue without real ice.

It takes 4 hours to assemble the plastic ice, including the rigging.

Technical information:

- 1 piece of plastic ice weights                    42 kg, size 1mx2m, width 2,5 cm

   82 pieces of plastic ice weights                3 480 kg. + trolley = 3 550 kg

(or more plastic pieces, if the stage is bigger than 12x12m)

- The ice needs an even floor. Concrete, parquet (wood), plywood.

   Parquet and plywood needs to be minimum 10 mm. And must be minimum 20 cm

   thick from the ground.

- To load and unload the plastic ice, a truck with a forklift is required. The truck must

   be able to load a minimum of 2 000 kg.

-  The members of the troupe can themselves put the ice together for the extra payment (to be

discussed at a later stage). Local hands are also required in the amount of minimum 4 persons to bring the plastic sheets to the stage.

The troupe has a theme show,called “Snow Queen”. This show can be performed only on the real ice.

The Organizer will provide as follows:

  1. International flight tickets (direct flight), “Back and return” for the whole troupe.

  2. Arranging and paying for visas and work permits. Should be arranged in Moscow.

  3. Insure the troupe during the whole period of stay, with a health and accident insurance.

  4. Organizing the sending of the props, Russia – country of the tour– Russia.   

  5. Insure the props, on outbound trip, the stay in the country of the tour, and on the inbound trip.

  6. The props will be sent by an international cargo and airline/truck company or by sea.

  7. The Organizer will cover brokers expenses, when sending props to the country of the tour, back and return.

  8. Duration of the tour – preferably 1 month and more. Guaranteed number of working days per month – 25.

  9. Price per 1 show- to be discussed separately.

  10. Usually there are 1-2 shows per day.

  11. The troupe will stay in a hotel, minimum international 4- star standard.

      Rooms with WC, shower and air condition. Single and double rooms.  

 12.Transfer between international airport and hotel back and return, as well as transfer on a daily basis, during the whole visit,   

      between     the hotel and the venue and back, for rehearsals and performances.

 13.Comfortable bus with a toilet for ground transfers of the group members on arrival, departure, from the hotel to the venue, back

      and return during the whole tour. The bus should follow EU regulations for long trip transports.

 14. Night liner for the technical group.

 15. Trips up to 500 km will be used by international standard buses with AC and toilets. Each transport of the artists exceeding 500 km 

       must be executed by train or by aircraft.

 16. Breakfast in the hotel. Lunch and dinner. Both should be warm meals. This, during the whole stay in the country of the tour, for the

       whole troupe.

Area for the performance.

 If the show will be presented on the artificial/plastic ice, the performance the minimum of  9 x 9 m area is required. A size of 12 x 12 m is preferred. The maximum size is 16x16 m. The shape and size can be changed to a certain degree. The height must be minimum 5,50 m.

The troupe can perform with less space than 9 x 9 meters, but then 3 - 4 acts have to be cut.

The edge of the stage must be bordered with moving heads or duralight.  

Rigging: There are 3 aerial acts in the show. Due to this fact the hanging points must be able to carry:

  • Aerial Ring Act –250 kg per each hanging point. Two (2) hanging points are required.

Distance between hanging points is 6 to 8 meters.

  • Cord-de-Parel Act– 250 kg per each hanging point. Two (2) hanging points are required.

Distance between hanging points is  5-6 meters.

  • Straps Act – 750 kg per each hanging point. Two (2) hanging points are required.

Distance between hanging points is 6 to 8 meters.

Position of the hanging points:

Hanging point in the theatre stage:

Option A:  3 hanging suspending points: 1 point – in the middle of the stage

and 2 points – on each side. The minimal distance between the side points – 5 meters.

Option B: 2 hanging points  on the sides of the stage with a minimal distance 5 meters between each point.

Depending on the height of the venue, a lifting device is required that can reach the ceiling.

Our technical equipment runs on 220 V. If the voltage is different in country of the tour, voltage converters are to be supplied by the Organizer.

Upon rigging on arrival day and departure day, plus during each performance, four (4)  local stage workers must be present at the venue to assist the artists.


The venue must have professional lights for shows.  Including professional staff to run it.

Following devices are needed at every performance:

  • Spot 1200 with gobo – 7 pcs.

  • Wash 1200 – 8 pcs.;

  • Led Par 64 Pro – 12 pcs.

  • Sharpy Beam – 6-8 pcs.

  • UV (Black light) – 4 pcs.

  • Follow Spots - 4 -6 pcs.

  • Spotlights - minimum 8 pcs.   

  • On the lower level over the ice perimeter - moving heads.

  • For Ice Arenas or big venues Led Walls are preferable.

Sound: The Circus brings with it as follows: computer with soundtracks. CDs with soundtracks of the show can be offered. Adapters from mini jack to the mixer input. All the sound equipment runs on 220 V.  Voltage converters must be provided. See Rigging.

Dressing rooms

A minimum of 6 big dressing rooms with AC, when practicing and performing. Three for women and three for men.  Plus one room for management. Total – 7 rooms.

 In the dressing rooms there has to be water toilets, showers, mirrors, good lights, reasonable amount of racks for hangers (for costumes).

Rubber on the floor for the skates, rubber floor from the dressing rooms to the stage.

40 chairs to be divided and put close to the curtains (artists entrance) during the show. 

Still water in bottles, hot tea and coffee during the rehearsals and performances.

Additional equipment and services: Irons and ironing boards. Laundry and dry cleaning is required (free of charge).  


The venue for rehearsal and performance must be labour safe, according to international standard.

Nikulin Moscow Circus presents Moscow Circus on Ice, directed by Natalya Abramova. 2018